Short-term accommodation (STA) is a NDIS support previously known as respite. Even though many families take great joy in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, the physical, emotional and financial consequences for the family caregiver can be overwhelming without some support, such as respite. Respite provides a break for the family caregiver, which may prove beneficial to their health & allows both parties to be able to take 'time out' with real peace of mind. You may need emergency respite if you suddenly can't continue in your caring role for a little while. For example, you may be unwell or need to go to hospital. Respite has been shown to help participants build their independence, increase their overall well-being and feel they are part of the community while helping them achieve a goal. STA includes all reasonable expenses in a 24-hour period including assistance with daily personal activities, accommodation, food and other activities. We can accommodate participants over 18 years of age.


Medium term accommodation (MTA) is one of the homes and living supports that can be funded by NDIS. It's funding for somewhere to live if you can't move into your long-term home because your disability supports aren't ready. Medium term accommodation isn't a standalone support.


Your NDIS Plan will usually fund up to 28-days of short-term accommodation per year depending on your package. It covers the cost of your care for up to 14 days at a time. If you are eligible for respite funding, it will include funding for accommodation in a group residence for a short period of time, typically up to 14 days at a time. It will also include support for self-care, food, and activities. There are three levels of respite-like supports available for funding as part of plans:
  • Level 1:7 to 14 days per year to allow the carer to attend key activities.
  • Level 2:14 to 28 days per year and includes a strategy to build capabilities for future independence.
  • Level 3:Equivalent of 28 days per year, when the carer provides support most days and informal support is at risk of not continuing due to the intensity of the support require or severe behavioural issues.


Start Nursing Services provides various disability services including STA & MTA to people with disability. Residential respite care is 24/7 care in specialist disability accommodation for a short period of time. STA guests will receive around the clock, high quality services in the comfort and safety of our modern, comfortable and safe environment. We are committed to maintain the highest standard of care when providing support to our clients by using highly experienced & qualified nursing staff who represent our organisation. We pride ourselves in having our multilingual team who assists participants with English & non- English background. Our dedicated team will provide 24/7 service to our clients. At Start Nursing Services, we have professional and well-trained staff to provide care for your loved ones. Our team are all qualified Support Workers, Enrolled Nurses & Registered Nurses and all are complied with public health orders.


Start Nursing Services follows the NDIS price guidelines for STA & MTA services. No additional funds are required from the participants or family. Our aim is to provide services based on the individual's needs & appropriate ratio of care to accommodate them adequately. We understand that your current NDIS Plan may not reflect the above service delivery and prices. If you do not have appropriate funding, please contact us so we can assist in providing information and costings for your next NDIS Planning Meeting.


  • Make an enquiry & get assessed by our team
  • Meet our NDIS accommodation manager & make a tentative booking
  • Lodge all your documents & confirm your booking
  • Check in & enjoy your stay
  • Check out
  • Provide us with your feedback


  • Each accommodation is suitable for one, two, three or four individuals
  • Fully furnished
  • Centrally located to shops, transport, cafes and parks
  • Full level of support
  • Fully accessible
  • Intercom and Lift Access
  • Fully airconditioned
  • The design incorporates contemporary features such as:

    - Open plan living
    - Maximisation of natural light
    - Individual living spaces & assistive technology
    - Access to Internet and a Smart TV
    - Access to community facilities


  • Quality care, 24/7, 365 days a year
  • On site nursing support
  • Medication Support
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Domestic Task Support
  • Medical and Other Appointments
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Assistance with Daily Activities
  • Skill Building Support
  • Community Participation
  • Support for family catch-ups
  • Maintaining choice and control over daily living activities
  • All meals included (all dietary requirements catered for).


  • Stylish 3-bedroom apartment
  • Accommodating up to 3 female clients
  • Fully accessible
  • Fully supported
  • The design incorporates contemporary features
  • open plan living,
  • maximisation of natural light
  • individual living spaces & assistive technology
  • Access to pool, tennis court. basketball court, BBQ area, cafe, restaurants & cinema