If you are looking for the best skilled health professionals, Start Nursing Services can help. As the specialist recruitment company, our recruiting experts are the right people to help you to attract, recruit and retain the best staff for your organisation. We pride ourselves on our absolute commitment to providing a service that is effective and solution oriented. Our ability to be flexible enables us to tailor our recruitment processes and strategies to best suit to our clients. Our capability and experience enable us to provide you with the staffing solutions that best suit your organisation ensuring a correct professional and cultural fit.Our comprehensive selection process is flexible enough to fit in with the individual requirements of each client and candidate to achieve the optimum result across every state and territory.
  • We listen to you: It is quite imperative for us to be aware of exactly what you are requesting and what you need in your organisation. We value honest and open communication with our clients in order to find them the best possible candidate.
  • Identifying suitable candidates: Once we have identified your requirements, our consultants will access an extensive database of qualified candidates who can be considered and selected for each and specific position. In addition to our database, we extensively advertise to attract larger number of qualified candidates.
  • Candidate appraisal: Profile of candidates will be studied closely and then prospective candidates will undergo preliminary phone interview to determine their suitability for the position. Only candidates who fit the organisation's requirements will progress into second personal interview for more assessment.
  • Reference checking: All references provided by candidates will be checked thoroughly.
  • Background check: When candidate considered for the position further investigation regarding police clearance, working with children and eligibility to work in Australia will be conducted.
  • Candidate profile: A comprehensive profile of the potential candidates will be sent to our client for further consideration as a short list.
  • Final Selection: We will arrange personal interview between client and prospective candidates for final assessment and selection.
  • Negotiations: As a recruitment company, we will be involved in negotiation process in order to achieve the best possible outcome for both parties involved.