The aim of the Australian aged care system is to provide accessible, appropriate and efficient care. It supports the wellbeing and independence of older people through high quality and person-centred care. Although aged care services are aimed at those aged 65 and over, they are provided on the basis of need, rather than specific age criteria.The Australian Government provides the majority of funding for aged care. As part of the government's on-going aged care reform, changes have been progressively implemented since 2013. These changes are aimed at ensuring aged care is sustainable, affordable and responds to people's needs.

Residential aged care provides care within a supported accommodation setting for those whose care needs can no longer be met within their own homes. There are two types of care offered in residential aged care facilities:
  • Permanent care offers ongoing care in a residential aged care facility, tailored to an individual's needs. While permanent care was previously offered at two levels-low and high care-this distinction was removed from 1 July 2014.
  • Respite care offers temporary, short-term care in a residential aged care facility to support both older people and their carers to live at home for as long as possible. Unlike permanent care, respite care continues to be offered as either low care or high care.
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